India has a long and unique history of Arts with several indigenous crafts and practices passed down across generations. Artisans are the backbone of India’s non-farm rural economy, engaged in craft production to earn a livelihood. However, propelled by loss of
markets due to cheap Chinese imports, declining skills, and lack of exposure to new markets, the number of Indian artisans has been rapidly decreasing.

Through Banjara Studio,
our vision is to curate artisanal Home Decor that brings together the skills of the grassroot artisans, traditional techniques with a blend of modern & innovative sensibilities. What we have created is a fine collection of products carved out of local natural materials that are not only good for your home and your soul, but also good for our environment.

Each product holds a story of the men and women who learned the art from their past generations. And the story of their communities who learned from their ancestors. Getting to hear those stories straight from the artisans or watch them in their element,
brings that story to life.

Supporting the skill these artisans’ practice,
Banjara Studio affirms to them that their art is not only beautiful,
but it is also sustainable and profitable, and
therefore, worth preserving.